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Why Frontiers Animation is your best choice for quality animation

We truly understand your industry

We have Industry leading expertise in international development, health, education, tech and nonprofit sectors

We have an incredibly talented team that delivers results

Our award-winning creative team offers higher value at a lower cost than our competition.


We have an efficient pipeline that delivers videos faster than our competition. On average most animations are delivered within 5 weeks.


We have delivered proven ROI for our animated videos.

We can develop animations to suit any budget

Our animations start from $2000 and scale to suit any budget.

We are extremely cost competitive offering over 20% savings compared to the competition at each quality level.


Our animation costs scale down the more minutes you add to the production.

We have special discounts for nonprofits.

We offer exceptional support

Our clients praise us for the exceptional support they receive.

With dedicated account management, you will never miss 
a deadline.


Unlimited meetings and consultations with our script and creative leads at the higher tier levels will ensure that all your stakeholders' needs are accounted for.

Additional free add ons such as social media posts will let you get exceptional value from our services.

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Our Behavior change

The team behind Frontiers Animations consists of Behavior scientists and development communications experts with over 14 years of experience in effective behavior change messaging especially in conflict and post conflict settings. Our four pronged approach to behavior change includes:


Message crafting

Working with our in-house comms and behavioral science team, we develop a target message which our story writers craft into an effective script. We ensure culturally targeted icons to increase uptake and adoption of content.


Dissemination Consultancy

Offered as an option to our clients, our team of content dissemination experts create a dissemination plan which identifies media platforms, consumption patterns and ad spend targets to create effective outreach campaigns that deliver results.


Formative Research

We conduct detailed research on our target audience and understand their media consumption patterns, message intake, social media activity and demographic analysis to create multiple personas. These diagnostic tools help us identify target archetypes and overlay that on our messaging matrix to determine what cognitive techniques adapted as messaging that would be effective for them.


Research and Evaluation

We offer a suite of research and evaluation options to ensure our programs have the intended effects on target populations. This includes formative, process, and outcomes research and evaluation. Our research and evaluation consultants are experts in social and behavioral sciences and have experience in program evaluation. 

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Who we are

At Frontiers Animation we bring together an award-winning creative team and industry leading communication experts to create superb animated videos for our clients in the Health, Pharma, Advocacy groups, Education,  International development, Nonprofits and Innovative startup sectors.  Our storytellers, creative staff and animators understand your industry and your needs, and we deliver results.

Frontiers Animation is part of Creative Frontiers, an award-winning full service creative agency specialized in development communication messaging, storytelling, education and training with projects in the United States, Lebanon, Kenya, Somalia, Lebanon, Ghana, Swaziland, Syria, DRC and Pakistan.

We are a minority owned small business headquartered in the United States.

Visit our parent company website

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