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Welcome to our referral program

Through our referral program, we pay a commission of 10% for any business that you refer* which we are then able to close! Use the form to apply to be a part of our referral program.


*Referral payments are made for closed business only. Referral payments are usually made in full - within 30 days after receiving the final payment from the client and deduction of any applicable taxes. A referral commission is paid for the first business closed with the client only and no residuals or additional payments are guaranteed through this program. Creative Frontiers and Frontiers Animation reserve the right to refuse or reject referral applications and determine who qualifies as a referrer. Being a referrer does not make you an employee or representing agent of Frontiers Animation or Creative Frontiers. 

Are you a sales professional?

We are also always looking for Full time, part-time, and commission-only sales agents based in the United States with commissions up to 20%.


If you are interested in our sales agent program. Please email us:

with the subject: Sales agent.

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