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Our 5 step animation production process

Frontiers Animation has a 5 step process for animation production that features interaction and client input at each step of the project to ensure that the product meets and exceeds their expectations. A dedicated producer will be assigned to the client for the duration of the project and will ensure that communication between the teams is facilitated from start to finish.

The script and research team conduct detailed research on the subject and work with the client to refine their thematic outlines and develop them into animation ready scripts. The creative team develops a series of mood boards to best reflect the visual vision of the script. These include the color palette, the visual style, character and environment design, font and text scheme, and the motion style.

Once the script and the mood board are approved, a detailed storyboard is created and shared with the client. The producer auditions for voice over options and shares up to three shortlisted samples with the client to review and select.

Once the storyboard has been approved by the client, the team creates full-color screens of each key frame as outlined in the storyboard. These screens are overlaid onto the voice over and the music is selected for the production so that the client may be able to visualize what the finished product will look like. We usually recommend rigorous feedback from stakeholders at this stage as it is much easier to incorporate changes at this stage.

The project moves into animation production where our animators bring the story to life through animation. A draft video of the animation is created and the client gets an opportunity to further tweak and refine the video with our team.

Once the client approves the draft version. Our quality control unit does a detailed quality check of the project to ensure that there are no errors. Subtitles are usually created at this stage. Once the quality check is complete, the design team creates social media assets such as thumbnails while the producer gets the video ready for delivery to the client.

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