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Young Zheng’s Story

One of the world's most pressing issues today is immigration and refugee rights. Of those who travel long distances to find better lives, few are as vulnerable as unaccompanied immigrant children.

In order to help these young people, the Young Zheng Immigrant Center was founded to help provide legal aid and logistical help to vulnerable unaccompanied immigrant children who move through the complex U.S. immigration system.

The Young Zheng Immigrant Center recently partnered with Frontier Animation to produce a 7-minute animation video that tells the story of a young refugee who found the center's aid influential in his ability to integrate and find success in America.


At Frontiers Animation, one of our core values is helping elevate the voices of organizations and individuals who are seeking to help others find hope, healing, and opportunity.

This is why we were so excited when the Young Zheng Immigrant Center reached out to us and asked if we could help them create an animated video that would introduce their work to a new audience.

The Young Center heralds themselves as champions for children's best interests who make their way to the United States from across the world. When children arrive in a strange new country, they are often faced with difficult challenges, such as learning a new language and adjusting to a new culture.

The Young Center helps these children and their families by providing access to education, health services, legal aid, and social workers who can help them navigate their new lives.

The goal of the Young Center is to come alongside the current immigration system to help children in various levels of the immigration proceedings be seen as the valuable and priceless children they are, regardless of their legal status.

The team at Frontiers Animation was eager to help the Young Center tell their story and share their mission with a wider audience. In particular, this unique story focused on Young Zheng - a child who faced particular difficulties during his immigration to the United States.

Planning and Execution

Every client opportunity begins on the foundation of clear and consistent communication. We believe that by working closely with our clients from the start, we can better learn the heart and soul behind a project and create a product that truly reflects their values and vision.

From the beginning, we worked closely with the Young Center to learn about their work and better understand the goals they hoped to achieve with the animated video.

Planning and execution focused on Young Zheng's heartbreaking story of being brought by smugglers to the US and subsequent placement into a detention center. Our work with individuals such as Maria Woltjen, John Sullivan, and Hannah Sibiski helped us uncover the moving parts of Zheng's story of finding freedom and stepping into a new life.

The animation video itself was a beautiful and honest portrayal of the Young Center's work day in and day out to help children like Zheng - who one day can become world changers themselves.

Following the story-based narrative of Zheng's journey from childhood to adulthood, the animated video was designed to invite viewers to an engaging journey that inspires them to learn more about the Young Zheng Immigrant Center and their life-changing work.

The development of the animated video began with a script developed by The Young Center. Because of this, our team was able to work within the framework of the story being told to bring the audio to life through animation.

Our team of artists, storyboarders, and animators worked hard to create a video that would truly capture the spirit of the Young Center's work and the challenges immigrant children face every day.